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"Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Success in Procurement and Supply Chain Management"

"AI is likely to be either the best or worst to happen to humanity." - Stephen Hawking."

Opinions differ on artificial intelligence. That's for sure. However, it is also certain that we will not be able to stop the use and continuous further development of AI. It is still too early to answer Stephen Hawking's question. The key question now simply is:

How can we use AI to our advantage?

In Part I, we will first look at the use of AI in the area of procurement / sourcing. We show how AI-based procurement can play a key role in your company's competitive advantage. Read about the areas of application for AI and how far AI-based sourcing is currently developed.

Then, in Part II, we'll show you how AI-based supply chain management can eliminate your supply risks, increase your sales and reduce your costs.

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Content of the document

  • Areas of application of AI in procurement and supply chain management
  • Current state of development
  • Use AI correctly
  • 14 big mistakes to avoid