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"SCM Risk Management: Learn how to defy crises and manage risks!"

Security of supply of goods and services has become a global competitive factor. If you want to reduce your company's vulnerability to supply chain disruptions, then it means:

The balance between cost efficiency and robustness against disruptions needs to be readjusted.

How to succeed? How prepared are you?

Our checklist analyzes the status of your company and shows your need for action based on four areas.

  • General Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Process Management & Continuous Improvement

Cyber risks are taken into account as well as a comparison with the Global Resilience Index, the use of AI, lead-time management, transparency with subcontractors, the use of market discontinuities as an opportunity and the like.

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Content of the document

  • Success Levers for Supply Chain Resilience
  • Strategies depending on company type
  • Use AI correctly
  • Avoid common mistakes