Rethink Procurement & Supply Management

Rethink Procurement & Supply Management

Emarticon: Consulting and interim management specialized in strategic procurement & supply chain management
– Your solution to your procurement challenges –

Emarticon: Consulting and interim management specializing in strategic procurement and supply management
-Your solution to your procurement challenges-

In procurement and supply chain management the challenges are high: Inflation drives up costs, supplies are at risk, and skilled workers and external support with experience are in short supply. In brief: The problems are complex and there is often a lack of good, new ideas or the confidence in the ability to successfully implement them.

Emarticon helps you to find the right solutions and implement them successfully. We are a consulting and interim management network specializing in purchasing and supply chain management. Founder & Head of Emarticon is Clemens Rinnebach, who carries out projects himself as well as with his team and network. Since January 2024 Clemens Rinnebach is Partner at Operations & Consulting Munich GmbH which has full access to the Emarticon network.

Emarticon's Services

Emarticon supports you as a consultant and interim manager in procurement and supply chain management at:

  • For us, cost management means to actually reduce costs through savings. We look at Bottom-line EBIT effects, at Total Cost of Ownership and at target costs. We call that cost efficiency and understand by this to obtain the most suitable products and services at the most competitive price in the long term. Our approach is therefore much more than calculating savings on paper. Here your find more information about our cost reduction methods.
  • We are experienced negotiators and support you in negotiations as a consultant or as an interim manager. Here you find more information about our negotiation concept.

The optimization of procurement and supply chain management functions ranges in our work from functional strategy, via process management & reorganization to supply-resilience, risk management, contract management and compliance-management. Which of these topics are in focus or be singled out will be depending on your specific situation.

Here you find more information about optimizing the procurement function.

  • IT sourcing we regard as a key area in digitization and have developed our own concept for this.
  • Supplier management includes for us professional supplier development and in particular technology management.
  • Options that we use depending on the strategy are second sourcing / supplier diversification, insourcing, outsourcing and global or local sourcing. We call that in sum right sourcing, so that your company is optimally positioned for the world market.
  • We would also be happy to support you with our experts in the implementation of the Supply Chain Act.

Sustainability is gaining in importance for more and more companies. Together with our customerswork and implement we company-specific sustainability standards. Compliance is also a focus legal standards.

  • We would also be happy to support you with our experts in the implementation of the Supply Chain Act.

With our Supply Management Checklist you not only consider environmental standards and are on-track when it comes to sustainability. By using our checklist you also increase your resilience to crises.

Why Emarticon?

We are characterized by:

  • Our experience - more than 20 years of strategic procurement and supply chain management,

  • Our virtual, network-based organization,

  • Our management and consulting approach, which takes the entire company into account,

  • Our concepts that take a fresh look at procurement/sourcing and supply chain management.

Customer projects with real added value

As specialists we release your potential.

Success through our experience

You benefit from our experience mix of line management and business consulting.

Change comes easily

We are real team players and work appreciatively and pragmatically.

Tailor-made solutions

Our specialist supports you with exactly the required intensity.

Long term effects

We keep always an eye on the entire company of our clients.

You benefit from our good price-performance ratio

We do not have an expensive back office and can therefore offer our high-quality services on very good terms.

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How to make procurement and supply chain management your success factor

Efficient cooperation in the supply chain is our passion.

Both potential and complexity in procurement and supply management are often underestimated.

Procurement and supply chain management are crucial levers for the success of the entire company. Only with the right suppliers and good cooperation with these suppliers companies can achieve high performance today!

In order to succeed, it is necessary that the corporate functions of procurement and supply chain management are well integrated into the key processes and essential decisions of the company as a whole, especially in the definition of corporate strategy. Procurement and supply chain management have to be guided by the respective goals.

Management of Complexity

In order to enable the corporate functions of procurement and supply chain management to live their role, it is important to manage complexity effectively. Procurement alone has several and above all sometimes conflicting goals to pursue. The same applies to the supply chain management. Many companies struggle with this in particular in a world of rapidly changing boundary conditions.

That means for instance, management has to set priorities: Should the costs be reduced primarily quickly or in the long term? When can high quality or adherence to delivery dates be more important than savings? In which cases should ensuring a high level of security of supply take precedence over achieving low storage costs? What influence should the goal of remaining flexible have when it comes to long-term supplier development?

Strategic supply management: pursuing the right issues

We help you and your company find the right focal points such that future issues drive concrete goals and actions. Emarticon's approach in the process is to translate these goals into procurement and supply chain actions according to the corporate strategy and to the market situation. We call this strategic supply management.

Emarticon's reference projects

solutions for your Challenges

Strong Concepts for different Industries

Our concepts are our guide. Based on our experience and in coordination with the customer, we use precisely those elements of our concepts that fit and combine them with the customer's knowledge and existing tools. For many customers, this has enabled us to achieve exceptional performance in the procurement and supply-chain-management function.