Only one based on all relevant dimensions optimized purchasing organization provides the full range of services for high-performance purchasing. For this purpose, the Emarticon has developed a concept that "High Achievement Sourcing" called. With our help, you can optimize your supply management such that you exploit the full potential of the procurement market for your company's success!

High-Achievement-Sourcing Strategy: Procurement Optimization with Emarticon

Procuring high-quality goods and services on favorable terms and thus saving costs: That is the goal of every procurement department. Based on 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain consulting , Emarticon has developed a method on this topic: High Achievement Sourcing.

With this strategy, Clemens Rinnebach and his team of experts provide you with a toolbox with which you can finally achieve the goals in your company in regard to supplier management, costs and procurement processes.

Planning procurement optimization: Emarticon helps finding the right means and path

Are you striving for an increase in performance and value in your company and are you considering to restructure your procurement? Not only procurement management and controlling have to work hand in hand. Potential savings must be identified in a detailed market overview. Above all, however, a clear procedure must be followed from the start:

Holistic strategies, intelligent contracts and excellent cooperation with suppliers are the guidelines in this concept.

This includes a comprehensive analysis of all factors affecting procurement:

  • procurement strategy
  • Cost Reduction Concepts
  • Negotiation Methods
  • Contract Management
  • Order Processing and Logistics
  • Supplier Management and Development
  • Information and Performance Management
  • Procurement Digitization
  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies

When applying the High Achievement concept, you decide which area to focus on. Based on a maturity analysis, we develop an optimization roadmap together with you and implement it. Which of these guidelines, which sub-areas and which of the levers contained therein are used is up to you - your specific business situation, your procurement strategy and your goals.

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How high-achievement sourcing pays off for you

Procurement optimization via High-Achievement-Sourcing takes other departments within your company on board: starting with senior management via the HR department and including IT.

What's in for you?:

A uniform, stringent concept leads to a clear understanding of the procurement market and the strategic options. The strategy and approach of the procurement supports the entire business in an optimal way.

The methodology offers you a comprehensive and very powerful toolbox for reducing costs. The focus is on total cost of ownership and increasing your EBIT. Our concept looks at the "big picture": What value does procurement bring in for the overall company? - That's what counts.

High-achievement sourcing contracts optimally reflect the requirements of your business and your departments, because mutual expectations are being taken care of in a win-win manner. Opportunities and risks are being adequately balanced.

The understanding of your requirements and the comparison with the possibilities of the procurement market lead to the full use of the potential of your suppliers.

A special project example for high-achievement sourcing

For the Siemens AG Clemens Rinnebach took on the task of optimizing indirect procurement of a company division in a comprehensive way.

The project involved over 45 project participants. The aim was to define improvement measures along 10 excellence topics together with the managers and team members and to implement respective actions in the current financial year. This was successful because we recognized early on which measures required direct support and which did not. Besides, we could rely on a ready-to-use tool box through the Emarticon® High Achievement Sourcing concept. Thus, Clemens Rinnebach was able to successfully support a large corporation on its way to procurement optimization.

Use the services of Emarticon for your company's success

Use the services of Emarticon for your company's success

Use the services of Emarticon for your company's success!

In an initial meeting, we will work together to find possibilities and opportunities for an optimized procurement / sourcing strategy and reduced purchasing costs - also for your business.

We support you with:

  • Analyzing the ways to optimize your procurement function, starting from strategy to implementation

  • Elaborating options and actions for optimization

  • Working out necessary process changes together with the stakeholders
  • Developing the respective individual business case for corresponding investment decisions
  • Finding suitable software manufacturers and IT development partners for implementation projects if necessary
  • Negotiating contracts as an interim manager if desired
  • Carrying out the implementation or migration project