As a provider of procurement & supply chain consulting we know that every project is different for the customer. However, experience shows that knowledge from previous projects can lead to enormous increases in effectiveness and efficiency . Based on the experiences and the derived methods & concepts solutions are found faster and goals reached easier as well as with significantly less risk .

We therefore collect our findings and process them, where appropriate, into concepts for future projects. The corresponding action or thought framework, the guidelines or approaches for a procedure help us and our customers to achieve success very quickly. We apply these concepts / our methodology in a customer-specific way - always tailored to your situation and your company.

Emarticon solutions & methodology at a glance

Our management and consulting concept corresponds to a holistic approach. We look at the whole company. Our concepts reflect that.

Emarticon® Efficient IT sourcing

How to get your IT costs under control

Practice shows: IT sourcing is one of the decisive factors for successful digitization

Typical customer testimonials...

"Service providers or software manufacturers do not provide a future-proof best practice solution"

"The project budget exceeds expectations"  

"Follow-up costs for releases are not calculated or too low"

"Productivity increase is difficult to measure"

"The project becomes unnecessarily complex and takes much longer than planned"

"Data quality is insufficient at the start of the project"

Digitization often cannot be achieved without external service providers, and it cannot be further accelerated under any circumstances. However, there is often a lack of an effective and efficient approach to managing these service providers, and IT spending can easily get out of hand. Projects then have to be postponed or scaled down or cannot start at all.

What can the solution look like? So how can digitization be accelerated without increasing IT spending at the same time?

We have developed a new approach from a large number of projects in different sectors.

Efficient IT sourcing guidelines

Our approach, which we call efficient IT sourcing, is based on a few guidelines, similar to agile management:

Many IT contracts are bursting with technical measurement data that is used for billing. But something else is important: How well does IT support your business?

Therefore, key performance indicators are to be selected that take the most suitable indicators in focus.

Have you already experienced this...IT contracts should be as precise as possible, so finer and finer rules are being drawn up and the contract is becoming longer and more difficult to understand. Cooperation becomes inefficient because the contractual partners have to agree on the rules more and more often and everyone is looking for their own advantage.

Instead, leave more room for decisions by employees at the work level in terms of process efficiency and customer relationships!

The system then requires significantly fewer rules, is many times more efficient and you save yourself escalations.

Many IT service contracts are valid for not only 3 years but for 5 years, some even longer. But what should a contract look like when the technologies that will be used during its term are still unknown on the day of its signature?

Make sure the contract provides mechanisms that make change easy! This allows you to react to new technologies or changes in your business.

Many IT service contracts contain very precise price tables, according to which e-mail accounts, storage space and the like are billed. Much of this is required, but much can be done more easily.

Calculate according to what is relevant to you: What overall service does your company receive from the service provider? And don't benchmark individual cost items, but the total costs.

The approach results in having a service provider helping you to save on superfluous software installations, unnecessary data archives and unused but reserved hardware.

The big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, or SAP regularly introduce new, powerful products. Corresponding contracts always include the option to purchase the corresponding services in bundles. That's good, but it can lead to unnecessary costs if the new opportunities in the company are not used sufficiently.

Therefore, before signing a contract and introducing it, always answer the question what user value the new technology will achieve. Estimate the business case for this!

These guidelines and the experience of implementing them create a very powerful tool for keeping IT expenses under control. We were able to reduce our customers' IT budgets by 25-50% without reducing the scope of services and code quality. Two essential consequences arise from the implementation: Firstly, the budget is freed up to accelerate digitization. Secondly, the IT budget is used much more efficiently than before.

Emarticon® High Achievement Sourcing

How to build a high performance procurement organisation with ease

Our High Achievement Sourcing concept includes a very comprehensive tool case with analysis options for the success factors of the purchasing function: procurement strategy, cost reduction concepts, negotiation methods, contract management, order processing and logistics, supplier management and development, information and performance management, e-procurement, continuous improvement and employee development.

The methods anchored in our concept aim to achieve three essential cornerstones for the success of the procurement function: End-to-end strategies, intelligent contracts and good, smooth collaboration.

Three guidelines are essential: end-to-end strategies, intelligent contracts and good, efficient collaboration.

The implementation is achieved in two steps.

When applying the concept, you decide which area to focus on. Based on a maturity analysis, we can work with you to develop and implement an optimization roadmap.

How high-achievement sourcing pays off for you

Procurement optimization via High-Achievement-Sourcing takes other departments within your company on board: starting with senior management via the HR department and including IT.

What's in for you?:

A uniform, stringent concept leads to a clear understanding of the procurement market and the strategic options. The strategy and approach of the procurement supports the entire business in an optimal way.

The methodology offers you a comprehensive and very powerful toolbox for reducing costs. The focus is on total cost of ownership and increasing your EBIT. Our concept looks at the "big picture": What value does procurement bring in for the overall company? - That's what counts.

High-achievement sourcing contracts optimally reflect the requirements of your business and your departments, because mutual expectations are being taken care of in a win-win manner. Opportunities and risks are being adequately balanced.

The understanding of your requirements and the comparison with the possibilities of the procurement market lead to the full use of the potential of your suppliers.

The concept was successfully used to optimize the plants of the pharmaceutical company STADA AG and Siemens AG.

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Emarticon® Strategic Cost Reduction

How to finally lower your costs sustainably!

To obtain savings stand at Emarticon long-term, total cost of ownership and bottom-line EBIT effect in the foreground. The most sustainable cost reductions result from a good procurement strategy that weighs opportunities and risks and creates a healthy balance. We call that "Strategic Cost Reduction“ and have developed our own tool for this purpose.

The approach is based on several elements that are individually combined for you. Target agreements and budget management are also included, such as benchmarking and market observation. Often follow Tenders . Often, however, the implementation via an optimized supplier management programs even more purposeful. In the case of complex tenders, Emarticon sees them as a project in which success depends on understanding your company's situation and balancing conflicting objectives.

Strategic cost reduction has a particularly long-term effect, since all options for action and the entire environment are taken into account.

Emarticon helps customers individually to achieve significant and sustainable cost reductions.

Emarticon® Functional Strategy Concept

How to make procurement and supply chain management your success factor

The corporate function procurement is an important success factor for a company today. An adequate functional strategy becomes the basis. Based on the goals of your company and the goals of the procurement function, we develop this functional strategy together with you.

Based on workshops, we coordinate with the stakeholders of your company, the appropriate orientation for your success is being defined. We don't just look at "What global procurement strategies are there?" Essential topics are also goals and methods of cost management, the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement processes, the satisfaction of internal customers as well as adequate management of opportunities and risks. We draw on our knowledge from project work in various industries and combine this experience to your benefit.

We will then support you with the implementation of this strategy including the means of active change management.

First, functional goals have to be defined, then levers can be detailed.

There are often conflicting goals.

Emarticon helps customers to implement and establish the procurement function as a success factor for the entire company.

The Emarticon® Supplier & Partner Management Program

How to achieve innovation, quality and security of supply

Our Supplier & Partner Management & Development program is the concept of Emarticon for successful supplier management:

It serves as a template for the sustainable management of a complete supplier life cycle. The use of different sources of information is tailor-made for your company and can include personal supplier audits as well as the use of AI-based sourcing.

​With this concept by Clemens Rinnebach and his network of experts, the focus is clearly on customer benefit: Our goal is to ensure the best possible use of the procurement market in your company and to improve the performance of your company's suppliers.

The program was used successfully, for example, for the selection of ODM suppliers for Siemens as well as for due diligence projects as part of company acquisitions.

Good supplier management thrives on the consistent collection and use of key information.

The Emarticon Supplier Management Program does this in five steps based on four fields of action.

Make Emarticon's competencies your own

Make the competencies of Emarticon to their own!

Clemens Rinnebach and his team of experts will also advise your company and successfully support you in the following tasks.

  • Analyzing the status of the company's procurement and supply chain management functions
  • Identification of areas and levers for improvement

  • Elaboration and coordination of concrete measures
  • Support in the implementation as a consultant or interim manager

We accompany your changes through active change management, project management and interim management.

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