Good contract management involves much more than just adhering to all regulations, processes and deadlines. What is often not understood is that contract management is a comprehensive, complex process. Software can support the management of this process, but the alignment of contracts with business strategy and situation is key.

Regardless of whether a consulting project is desired when it comes to the management and negotiation of important contracts, or an interim manager who takes over or optimizes the management of large contracts in your company: Emarticon is your specialist for Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting as well as contract management!

Strategic contract management - good contracts need a lot of expertise

Good contract management means more than the mere use of software and the coordination of the three subject areas of commercial, technical and legal aspects. When managing contracts in a large company distinguish two main forms:

  • Classic contract manager: The artisanal, the craftsman:
  • Understands all regulations and content of the contract (commercially, technically and legally) with a focus on commercial consequence

  • Supervises compliance with all regulations including processes and deadlines

  • Ensures coordination and resolution of conflicts and coordinates the three issues – commercial, technical and legal aspects – in discussions or alignment meetings

  • Strategic contract manager: With additional consulting and management experience:
  • Manages a contract not just according to its existing content, but ensures its optimal strategic orientation for the company based on management expertise and experience

  • Aligns the contract with new business needs and also creates new, efficient processes if needed

Hence, the strategic contract manager not only ensures correct compliance with contractual processes and regulations, but also ensures that these processes and regulations are also optimally suited to the respective situation of the company. The Emarticon is characterized by the fact that these two forms of contract management are combined in our projects and contract management approach and are understood as a holistic process.

This is how the Emarticon supports you in good contract management for your company's success

We support you in the following tasks and processes related to successful contract management in order to find the best solution:

  • Analyzing the degree of maturity of your contract management: We determine where you are at the moment and where we need to start
  • Working out levers for improvement: We find out where there is a need for improvement and what steps should taken be next
  • Support in optimizing your contract management: Of course, we are also at your side in the implementation of measures
  • Taking on the management of large contracts as an interim manager

Contract management? That's why Emarticon is the right partner for you

The unique selling proposition of the Emarticon in the area of contract management is the combination of many years of experience in three essential areas:

  • Senior Management Experience
  • Process and Digitization Experience
  • Negotiation Experience

Clemens Rinnebach combines his knowledge from these areas and thus offers comprehensive practice-oriented advice when it comes to concluding a good contract. You will also find other professional contract managers in the large Emarticon network, who focus on the strategic aspect of contract management in addition to classic contract management.

Reference projects: examples of successful contract management with Clemens Rinnebach

Clemens Rinnebach, face of Emarticon, has already been able to support numerous large companies in contract negotiations in cooperation with his network of experts:

  • Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH: As a strategic contract manager, Clemens Rinnebach helped to optimize, define, coordinate and negotiate a new framework purchase agreement for electronic modules. He also supported the introduction of a new quantity forecast and production planning system between suppliers and customers.
  • pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank: Clemens Rinnebach and his team took care of the operational and strategic management of IT outsourcing - with a contract volume of over 120 million euros. The concept of efficient IT contracts was applied.
  • For the Krones AG, a leading German mechanical engineering company, Emarticon successfully took on the task of finding and introducing a new contract management system.
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