If you need ad hoc special skills in the area of strategic procurement and supply management for a limited period of time, Emarticon is exactly the contact you are looking for. As experts for procurement and supply chain consulting, Clemens Rinnebach and his network are also familiar with unusual business situations. Emarticon brings in new ideas and experiences from other tasks, companies and industries and, with this background of experience, finds the right solution for your procurement management challenge.

How to reload and upgrade your procurement department with an interim manager

An interim manager for procurement can move a lot in the company in a very short time. He/she recognizes problems from the outside that employees in the company often no longer notice after a few years. The interim manager can allow himself or herself to question things that are internally accepted, but which turn out to be the actual roadblock. Hence, for an interim manager there are often more opportunities to find. Bringing in both outside experience solutions are not just successful but also come fast and last long.

In difficult times, a professional interim manager can find the right levers in procurement on the fly. A good interim management project is often downright liberating for employees. You can unleash new energies. Employees who were previously undiscovered can be given new areas of responsibility and thus find another opportunity and even fun at work. Well-established processes that have proven to be a hindrance are broken up and can thus be brought into performance.

Interim management or consulting?

Which advantages does interim management offer as compared to consulting?

A consultant is the right choice in many areas - however, he does not implement the developed solution himself. If the consulting company does not accompany the long-lasting implementation, project results are not implemented or only partially implemented. The reasons for this are often that employees and project managers in the customer company have doubts, and sometimes there is a lack of knowledge and skills or experience. The consultant's best analyzes are then of no help. Implementation becomes particularly difficult when boundary conditions change. The consequences are ultimately high costs for the customer with small changes actually achieved.

An interim manager not only works out a catalog of measures, he or she also puts them directly into practice. Another advantage: The interim manager's daily rate is only a fraction of the cost of a consulting team.

An interim manager can act independently

Fact-oriented procedures are thus made easier.

Interim management in procurement: what Emarticon can do for you

We support our customers by temporarily taking over corporate functions in procurement and supply management as material group managers, team leaders, or department heads.

Depending on the level of responsibility and the required seniority, an expert from the Emarticon network takes on the tasks. In the case of medium or long-term commitments, we offer you the option of management leasing with a fixed-term contract via our network partners.

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The Emarticon competencies for Interim management in procurement

The Emarticon competencies for Interim management in procurement

The Emarticon competencies for interim management in purchasing

Clemens Rinnebach is well prepared thanks to a lot of experience and competent training to also meet your requirements for interim management in procurement:

  • Education as engineer & Wharton MBA

  • Work experience at BCG & Kearney

  • Management experience as Vice President Strategic Procurement at Siemens and CPO/Head of Sourcing at Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG, Allgeier SE, Talanx Systems AG

  • Over 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management

  • Breadth of experience across a number of industries: Telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, banks, insurance companies

  • Management of difficult situations on the carve-out of Siemens Enterprise Communications, the turnaround of the HypoRealEstate or the E.On – Innogy merger

The Emarticon: Interim Management project example

Clemens Rinnebach took on the task of completely rebuild sourcing and cost management for the restructuring of HypoRealEstate. Part of the task was to lead, develop and build up the existing procurement team. To do this, it was first necessary to redefine the strategy and tasks of the corporate function in coordination with the Executive Board. Subsequently, the challenges of the task consisted in establishing new procurement and controlling processes and systems as well as finding and hiring new employees.

Clemens Rinnebach led the department beyond the successful spin-off of the healthy core bank, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG.

The project was particularly successful because the individual personality of the employees was addressed.

Our management approach is appreciative and pragmatic even in difficult situations. We have the right sensitivity to respond to your employees and customers appropriately, even in difficult situations, both humanely and fairly as well as persistently pursuing the goal.